Reduced Staffing

Please be aware that although the lockdown measures have been slightly relaxed the practice will still be running on a reduced staffing level due to a legal obligation to adhere to social distancing measures within the practice and staff illness. We also have to reserve one clinician a day to see possible Covid 19 patients and therefore their other clinical duties are significantly reduced.

Our administrative staff numbers are currently lower than we would normally have present in order to abide by social distancing measures. Therefore some routine administrative tasks and requests may take longer than usual.

We still have to screen patients as they enter the surgery premises and our premises have to be zoned which puts certain rooms out of action. We therefore have to offer a different service to that in place before the Covid 19 crisis.

Please be assured that clinically urgent matters are being dealt with as a priority and in an appropriately timely manner. Routine matters are being dealt with at the earliest possible opportunity.

Thank you for your patience during these difficult times whilst we all adjust to the “new normal” which will be different to previous time