Important Information – One to One Limited

NEE CCG have been advised today that One to One Limited have taken the decision they are unable to continue with their contract for maternity services and will go into administration at 17:00 on Wednesday 31st July 2019.

Our immediate priority is to ensure that all those women registered with the One to One Limited service can continue to access the support they need. We understand there are 80 women who are over 30 weeks into their pregnancy, and some 234 women in total registered with One to One Limited in North East Essex.

We are working with ESNEFT maternity leads and communication colleagues to quickly establish a helpline and agree alternative care arrangements, the details of which we will share with you tomorrow.

We are also engaging with other local stakeholders to maximise support to any woman seeking help or information – including Healthwatch, PALS, Mums Net and Better Births.

We will place advice/further information online using the NEE CCG and ESNEFT websites, in the local press, ask our partners to amplify our messages via their own channels (websites and social media), and use our own social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) to quickly offer reassurance and signpost to advice/information for any woman and her family/carer who may be concerned.

If you have any questions about this, please contact ESNEFT PALS in the first instance.

We will provide a further update tomorrow.